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Affiche M

Saturday 16 December 2023

Dinner - Concert - 28€


( Tribute to AC/DC - 100% Bon Scott )




Affiche M

It will be 10 years in 2018, that the 5 furious musicians of HIGH VOLTAGE began tribute tribute to AC / DC
and its first emblematic singer, BON SCOTT.

 They all have been on the national and international stages. They even have the luxury of buying one of the best bass players in France,
in the person of Patrice GUERS himself, who officiates alongside Patrick RONDAT and the Italian symphonic metal combo RHAPSODY.

With Lio (aka "the woodcutter") on the drums, by his side, and now, the talented Philippe,
HIGH VOLTAGE certainly has a rhythm section incomparable!

In 2017, Jean-Christophe Lafarge, a 26-year-old genius, becomes the indisputable holder of the role of Angus.
This gifted past by the MAY of Nancy (school of international music very famous) brings to the group a touch and a sound which it lacked until then.

Franscott, singing, carries his nickname ... .with reference to Bon Scott !
A powerful and rare voice that makes a big difference.

 Their policy : do not try to ape or imitate the Australian quintet, but rather give it a dynamic and sincere tribute